Middle of the Night Diaries

July 23–

If Kanan wakes up at 445 am for his middle of the night feed, but refuses to go back to sleep so I am forced to start my day that early—-is that technically sleeping through the night?

July 24–

Is his internal clock stuck? He woke up at 446 am! And again—refuses to go back to sleep. Oh God please don’t let this be my new morning wake up time……When I go back to work in a 3 weeks, I’ll have to wake up at 530. I can handle that….but not 445.

July 25–

I follow The Baby Whisperer’s trick to prevent a habitual wake up and do what is called wake-to-sleep. How do you do it? Set the alarm for an hour before the baby does his habitual waking and go in his room and wake him up. Not all the way—just enough to make him stir. Then go back to sleep. Kanan wakes up at 5am instead–eats and goes back to sleep!

July 26–

Baby Whisper suggests doing wake-to-sleep 3 days in a row in order to make sure the habitual wake up stays at bay. I set my alarm for 345. He stirs too much! Fully awake by 4 am—-But!—He goes back to sleep after a feeding.

July 27–


Kanan slept through the night!!!!!

I had to wake him up at 7am for his first feeding and he woke up in a great mood! Even let me change his diaper before eating! This is the second time in a month….I’m hoping we are slowly getting to a norm. 🙂



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