Growing too fast to wait another month!

month-4-week-2-005_closeup.jpgKanan is 4 1/2 months old now and the last two weeks, he has made some leaps that just crack me up. First of all, he has finally mastered the holding the feet trick and has even sucked on his toes a few times, but I haven’t taken a picture of that just yet. He practices as soon as he wakes up in his crib until the drowsy moments before he falls asleep. He just can’t get enough of his feet and Mike and I just can’t get enough of him playing with ’em.

Kanan has also figured out that when you have a book in your hand, you are supposed make a lot of noise out of your mouth (his perspective on reading). Now when he plays with his toys, he’ll make some coos and babbles here and there, but give him a book and month-4-week-2-028.jpghe’ll talk your ear off. Click HERE for a video of him doing just that. Speaking of videos, we finally got one of him laughing. It’s not his full belly laugh that he has done a few times but just some giggling and very cute too. Click HERE if you would like a sample. 🙂

Kanan has reached all the milestones necessary for him to get the okay on eating solids, but because he is still a month and half away from the safe 6-month-zone, we are just having him try out stuff first and not making any solids big enough to be a meal. He has tried cereal for the last two weeks, but yesterday, he tried peas for the first time and he LOVES them! Who would have thought? Not me. But he opened his mouth over and over for more peas and I just couldn’t shovel it in fast enough to satisfy the little guy!

Kanan is moving better and better too. He is in the process of learning how to flip onto his stomach. He wanted to practice it so much today that he refused to go to sleep. He woke up at 4:45 AM to start practicing, was nice enough to sleep for 45 minutes about two hours later and then that was it. He wouldn’t take another nap no matter how hard Bobbi (his daycare provider) or I tried and he finally went down for a mere hour and a half around 3 pm.  What position did he fall asleep in? You got it, a position somewhere in between his side and his stomach and boy did he wake up frustrated when he realized this. He has, however, mastered a physical movement that is causing great frustration with Mike and I and almost makes us laugh because it is so ridiculous. He has learned that he can arch his back and drop down to get out of things he doesn’t like–for example, his carseat. Trying to strap him down into his car seat feels like I’m putting him into a straight jacket!

He is getting so big and filling out so nicely that everyone thinks he is older than 4 months. We just love the little guy so much, we can’t get enough. I just want to nibble his cheeks and tell him it tastes like chicken.


2 thoughts on “Growing too fast to wait another month!

  1. Isn’t it funny how the ‘holdin the feet trick’ is almost like a milestone all babies achieve? Your post reminded me, I snapped a great photo of Xander suckin on his big toe at the Dr’s office last week. He hasn’t done it since, but you’re right it’s freakin’ hilarious. How adorable is Kanan?! Is his mohawk gone?


  2. That is so funny. Kanan is so cute, and yes, the good ol’ feet trick. The kids did it too. I dont know what it is, but they love it. Thats so funny he is so into rolling onto his stomach. Wow, that’s great!!


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