A Pretty Darn Close-to-Perfect Day!

When I woke up this morning and saw the cornflower blue sky balloon over me and heard the redheaded finches outside singing with their chics in our Plum tree, I should have known it was a sign that today would be extra special. Kanan woke up at twenty ’till 7 am on his own and happy. He had woken up only once prior to that at 515 and went back down easily with his pacifier. I fed him and for the first time in a week, he ate eagerly and well (his appetite went way down this last week and made me quite worried). I then brought him back into bed with Mike and I and we cuddled with him as he eagerly sucked his fingers and let out squeels of delight and excitement.

Then we went for our morning walk around the block and Kanan turned his head left and right and stared at everything he could while sucking on his fingers again as I carried him around him his infant carrier. We noticed a few newly bloomed flowers in the neighbors yard and both stopped to smell them. Kanan actually has gotten so used to this routine, he bent his head down for a second sniff of the orange flower’s perfume. It was a little cool, so the house felt cozy and warm when we returned and perfect for winding Kanan down for his mid-morning nap.

When he woke up, he ate a little and then Mike and I took him to the beach. We wanted him to try out the water so we put him in some waterproof diapers and some hawaiian shorts his Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Linda bought him. He LOVED the ocean. At first, he was a little unsure, but after a couple of times of feeling the waves crash on his legs and hearing Mike and I talk excitedly and assuringly, he squeeled again and again everytime a new wave headed toward his feet (we were on the sand right where the white water meets it so it was super shallow). We then went home and Kanan napped again and then woke up and had a big lunch which really excited me because this has been the time that he has often refused to eat over the last week.

mowhawk-month-3-week-3-015.jpgMike had some free time to spend with me for a few hours, so after Kanan nursed, we took him over to Bobbi’s, his new caregiver we hired (she is awesome by the way and posed with Kanan in this pic to the right!), with a bag of frozen breastmilk, his blankie, binky, and rattle. While he was having a great time, taking a long nap and playing with Bobbi and her grandaughter Elizabeth, Mike and I rode our bikes down to the beach again, sunbathed and went swimming in the ocean. I got a little tan-line from my tank top because I am not ready to show off my flabby tummy and linea nigra that is still there, but it feels good to get some good healthy color.

When we came home we cleaned up and even made out a bit before Mike had to head off to see a friend! Funny thing is, when Mike took off, he took off with my car keys and the carseat. Of course I didn’t notice until he was an hour down the freeway and it was time for me to pick up Kanan. Luckily Bobbi was able to bring him to me and I thanked her again and again.

When I brought Kanan inside, I knew he needed to adjust to the transition before he went down for his last nap of the day, so after I walked him around the house a bit, I layed him on my bed and started tickling him a little. Well what do you know, he laughed! He laughed everytime I put my fingers near his armpits! It was adorable! I knew he was on the verge of laughing and am so excited he did it so many times right then and there. Of course, I took out my cellphone and video taped him laughing and sent it out to Mike, my sister, and my mom. I was still gleeing from his laugh when I put him down for his nap, and felt even more warm when I watched Kanan turn to his left and cuddle with his blankie while touching the bumper of his crib and staring at his hands and talking to himself. Then it was quiet and I looked in and saw he was sleeping!

The books say to circle your baby’s 4-month-birthday because that is the day, you will see a drastic change in your baby’s development. Well I’m marking today, June 27th too. Because not only did Kanan take a leap in so many ways, it was the first day that I felt like my life was going back to normal. I take that back–better than normal. I have a beautiful growing little boy who brings me so much joy, a handsome, driven man for a partner and father to my child, two mischevious dogs, and even a picket fence around my home near the beach. Ahhhhhhhhh…..yeah, I’m bragging now. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Pretty Darn Close-to-Perfect Day!

  1. Congrats on the perfect day- aren’t they grand? I can’t wait to hear what Kanan sounds like when he laughs. You’ll have to upload a video on the internet.


  2. I truly love reading your blogs. Watching Kanan grow and seeing you and Mike so happy is such a blessing. I am honored that you are sharing this with me.


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