Videos of Month 2

Just for fun, I’ve uploaded a series of one-minute videos of Kanan being Kanan over this last month. He will be two months old in a week! Check them out if you’d like by clicking HERE! His two-month highlights and a link to pics will be coming soon—I still have a week more of life to live with him first. I promise this next month’s highlights will be much shorter.


3 thoughts on “Videos of Month 2

  1. Wow, I loved it. He is such an angel. This is really cool what your
    doing… it makes me want to come over right now. Love you! Kisses


  2. The videos are great, you’re turning into such a media geek, it’s great.
    By the way, you should set the time/date thing in you camera cuz it’s saying the video was taken in Dec. 2003, lol

    luv ya,


  3. By the way, ‘the sequel’.
    You should start burning these photos to disk from time to time in case
    something catastrophic happens to you laptop…………..that would be a
    tad bad & sad.
    love dad


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