Pics of Kanan’s first days


I finally uploaded all of the photos that everyone has taken of Kanan during his first 9 days of life. Here are two pictures–one of Mike and Kanan and one of Kanan and I. Click HERE to see the whole collection. We are starting to get Kanan on a schedule now and are finally getting some sleep, although probably still not enough. At Kanan’s one week doctor’s visit, we learned that he has already gained almost a pound and has grown an inch!


2 thoughts on “Pics of Kanan’s first days

  1. Hat kid has some serious bedhead. well, it is California.. Guess he has to be stylish among the other babies.
    Looks like your figure was just hidden behind that huge belly.
    Glad to see everything turned out okay!


  2. Wonderful story and wonderful baby. Theresa looks so happy and slim already! Mike looks an appropriately proud father even if his son is bored with his reading. (I assume that’s a yawn and not a howl!)

    So happy for you all!


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