Belly Casting

belly-casting-2.jpgI finished painting my belly cast today and am so excited about the results. As I noted in an earlier blog, my cousin Jennifer and her husband Chris sent us a belly casting kit in the mail as a baby shower gift. Jennifer had made a cast of her pregnant belly and breasts and thought she’d share the experience with us. Mike worked hard molding the plaster to my body for a good hour and boy was it a lot of work. But afterward is where the real fun came in. I got to practice painting (which my only experience comes in the form of pastels, so this was new for me.) I used acrylic paints and a latex high gloss finishing spray to make my masterpiece. I painted it to go with the colors of our room which is comprised of garden colors–wine, green, and white primarily. I originally didn’t plan to use so many other colors, but as I continued painting, my mood changed and so I just went with it. Anyway, for those who would like to see more details of the painting, please click here.

I had such a fun time and am disappointed that I’m already done with it. I was hoping to have something occupy my time until Kanan comes. Well I still need to drill two holes in the chest area and hang the casting from a sash on a wall in our room. After that, I’ll start my new book. Its called A Long Way Gone: memoirs of a boy soldier by Ishmael Beah. Its a memoir about the author’s experience being corrupted and brainwashed by the militia in Sierra Leone as a boy. After seeing Blood Diamond, I really would like to read more about what this could be like.

I’m feeling pretty crampy right now, so I’m hoping that means I’m making progress. I’m eating lots of pineapple, spicy foods, and exercising in multiple ways, so hopefully something will kick my body into gear.


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