40 weeks and still waiting!

I had my 40 week appointment today and low and behold, I’m still “high and tight” as my doctor would say. The baby seems happy though. His head is still down and he has a good and steady heart beat of 130-140 bpm. My blood pressure is good and there is no sign of hyperplasmia or any other problem. Still, my doctor doesn’t not think it is safe for the baby to stay in me after one more week. She will be gone until next Wednesday, so if I go into labor before then, her on call doctor will deliver Kanan. As a back up plan in the likely event that Kanan does not make his grand entrance by then, she has me scheduled for a NST (a non-stress test) to see how the baby is doing next Tuesday. And then next Wednesday night (9pm), I will go in for in for Cervidil (to soften my cervix) before they induce me the next morning (Thursday). So that means the baby will be here sometime between now and the 15th! Hopefully, I will not have to be induced and the baby will come before then. But my doctor doesn’t think it is safe for the baby or me to go past a week overdue. The chances of the baby passing his first stool increases, as well as my placenta not working properly. The chances of still birth increases and then of course comes the possibility that the baby will begin to get huge–thus increasing my chances of tearing or needing an episiodomy or suction cups or something else drastic. I’m a little scared of the cervidil process because if I need that, it shows that my body is just not ready for labor and I’m scared that it will foreshadow a long, dragged out, painful labor, but waiting longer seems like it might not be such a safe idea either.

In the meantime, I’ll keep walking and using my birthing ball. I walked to the pier and back a couple of days ago with Bandito (the black Corgy). He was such a good dog. He walked at my slow pace because I basically had to waddle the whole way down to the beach. He waited for me outside of The Dairy Queen as I bought a large Butterfinger Blizzard and we sat outside on the sidewalk meeting passing pedestrians who had something to say about either him, my belly, or their own stories about their dogs or pregnancies. This week, I’ll take Smoky (the blonde) but I just can’t take them both because then they get competative and my 40+ week pregnant self can’t handle the pull.

I also just spent 50 bucks on art supplies to decorate my belly cast this week. I started doing the background paint already and will work on some details tonight while Mike is at his EMT class. My mother went with me to find the art supplies this weekend. She was so sweet by coming down to cheer me up and keep me company since Mike has been swamped with work and it hasn’t helped me cope with this wait. Its definitely affecting me along with the hormones and anxiety about the upcoming labor. We went shopping and ate out and saw a movie. She even spent the night! Thanks Mama!! But Mike’s partner will be back this Saturday and Mike will be able to take all of next week off so that will really be helpful!


2 thoughts on “40 weeks and still waiting!

  1. I would have never thought little you could ever be that round in the middle. Did they give you an approx. weight of that lil monster? I saw on the news today a Japanese woman gave birth to a 12 pounder! Wow. One of those and you won’t be sweating the next one. lol


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