39 weeks!

Despite all my walking and concert attending, among other-things (clears throat), I cannot get this show on the road. I went to the doctor’s today and I’m still closed tight and the baby is still high (sighs….). Alas, my doctor tells me to continue doing what I can to try and get some contractions to happen and if by next Monday I haven’t started labor yet, she will induce me that week because she will be gone the week afterward. She said hopefully she will see me before Monday, but if not, she will probably induce next Tuesday (the baby’s due date) or Wednesday. Mike wants to see if we can schedule it for next Friday instead because that way he doesn’t have to put the business on hold. He is running it by himself right now because his partner is in Panama until next Saturday. Of course, all of this is hypothetical given if Kanan decides to come before then and on his own. I’d prefer this even if he does come at an inconvenient time just because I hear induction is a long and painful process, much worse than just going into labor naturally.

In other pregnancy news, I have lost 2 lbs since last weeks appointment, which I am very excited about because I was getting too close to the total weight I wanted to have gained by the delivery day. I think most of the weight I lost last week was water weight because at last week’s appointment, I could barely close my hands they were so swollen and I had like two chins and couldn’t even see my collar bones. I think I’m back to one chin, and my collar bones are visible although barely and yes, I can make a fist. Funny though, last night I was kneeling down folding baby clothes for maybe 4 minutes tops, and my feet started hurting. I looked down and my feet were dark purple…..I jumped up and immediately, the blood started flowing back up to where it needed to be. So regardless, my weight is definitely affecting my circulation.

Despite the fact that I wish Kanan would come ASAP, it was a good thing that he didn’t come this weekend. Mike and I went on a mission this weekend entitled, OPERATION KILL MICE. Yes, our kitchen was a disaster area as we (actually just Mike, while I pretended to manage from the kitchen table and eating pasta) patched up holes in the kitchen wall where mice have found there way in and replaced the stove and microwave with new ones because mice destroyed the old ones. We are now looking for a new refrigerator and dishwasher as well because they have been messed up from the mice as well. We have electrocuted almost all of the mice except there is one left that is too big for the electrocuting trap. My sister lent us a sticky pad, but our fatty hasn’t found it yet. A random little brother did, (we didn’t know he was here) and Mike killed it trying to pull it off the sticky trap (it was a messy death).

Finally, yesterday after OPERATION KILL MICE was over, I gave Mike a little present. He has been very insistent on Kanan coming home from the hospital in some sort of pirate outfit. Of course, I refused to have our son come home with an eye patch and a peg leg, but compromised for a dark onesie with a pirate emblem on it. What did Mike want for the pirate emblem? You got it, a skull and cross bones. Well I went to the swap meet yesterday in an attempt to start labor and found a booth that custom designed onesies. Kanan will be coming home in a black onesie (God forgive me, but Mike couldn’t have it any other color) with a skull and cross bones on the front. I’ll try and tame it down with some soft khaki pants and light blue beanie, but that is the best I can do. Mike is ecstatic and has his own dark blue pirate skull and crossbones shirt washed and ready for that special day too.

On the sweeter side, last night after the Academy awards, we made my belly cast. My cousin Jennifer bought us a belly casting kit to make a mold of my 9 month belly. Mike had to do most of the work while I sat at the edge of the chair in the bathroom covered in wet plaster for almost an hour. My rear-end was numb by the time we were done and Mike’s back hurt, but we now have a beautiful casting of my pregnant belly and breasts. I am going to paint it a dark cherry-wood brown and paint a white butterfly on the belly using Kanan’s feet as its wings. This may take some time, but I will post the final product in a couple of months. It will hang in either our bedroom or bathroom as I think it would be tasteful there given its intimate appearance.


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