36 week check up

8 monthsAlmost four weeks and counting!! My hips are aching so badly that I’m waking up a thousand times a night. Kanan is moving constantly and has been kicking me in the ribs so hard, I’ve yelped out a few times. People are stopping me left and right and telling me that I look ready to pop. When I tell them I still have a month to go, most drop their jaws and ask me where the baby will find room. I’m not even sure myself how I’m going to make it. But knock on wood, I still don’t have any stretch marks.

But the doctor says all is well. I did the exciting 36 week visit today and got checked for Strep B–standard procedure (Mothers will sense my sarcasm here). The doctor checked my cervix and says that it’s still closed but the baby’s head is down and ready. She says my hips are aching because they are soft and spreading to make room for the big day.

This of course inspired Mike to come up with some invention that new mothers can use in which the husband secures a harness around the still pliant hip region shortly after birth and he puts one foot on the hip and then he pulls it tight before she goes to sleep. And it will hurt like hell, but she will wear it every night for a month so it will push her hips back into its normally small shape. He asked me if I would want to be the guinea pig to which I replied, No! We both laughed. Mike is such the joker (or is he?).

Top ten things I’ll miss about being pregnant

10. Smiles from strangers

9. Help from everyone for even small things.

8. Encouragement from everyone to enjoy the cookies and second servings.

7. Great hair!!

6. Great nails!

5. watching my body miraculously change shape

5. the anticipation of the future

4. Enjoying cookies and milk and cereal like I’m a child again.

3. Viewing images of our child on a sonagram machine as he grows in my belly or listening to his heart beat with the doppler.

2. Waking up to feeling Mike’s hands on my belly in the middle of the night as he spends some bonding time with his kicking son.

1. Feeling Kanan move inside my womb even when it does make me yelp out.


One thought on “36 week check up

  1. you so chic!
    i love you!
    you are one hott mama!!
    im green with envy when i say you have such a beautiful smile!!!
    jeez some girls are just so damn lucky!


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